Write An Argumentative Essay: Step By Step Guide


Step By Step Guide To Writing an Argumentative Essay

Writing an argument essay requires a student to delve into their thinking abilities and try to convince an audience to support their perspective on a given subject matter. Building a convincing argument entails a thorough assessment of the data you present and supporting facts. As a student, you should try to find proven strategies to help you through the process.

What Are The Steps To Take To Craft A Complete Argumentative Essay?

There are different avenues you can use to shape your argumentative essay. Students can decide to try to convince an individual to change their mind about a particular topic. In this form of writing, you need to collect facts that support your position and comb through peer-reviewed literature to substantiate your claims. Alternatively, you can take a negative approach in your writing and try to persuade the reader to see things your way of thinking.

The techniques described above are the standard norms when it comes to crafting an argumentative essay. However, there are alternative ways you can employ to improve your writing prowess. These steps include:

Selecting A Topic

The first step in the writing process is selecting a topic. Choosing an argumentative topic will depend on the instructor you are dealing with and what they expect from your writing. Your topic selection should be either compelling or controversial. Both of these topics are common in argumentative essays since they help test the ability of a student to formulate their own stances and defend them adequately.

You should research thoroughly on the subject before choosing a stance. Make sure to note down all the notable claims that support your argument. Remember to note the dates when the publications were made so that you can find them in your reference list. Also, it is a good idea to create a workable outline that will help you when researching the subject.

Gather Sources

Your ideas have to be supported with relevant facts. To do this, you need to gather relevant information from scholarly works. Keep track of the sources so that you can cite them appropriately when writing your essay. Moreover, you should try to create an in-text citation for any information that you include in your writing.

Create A Structure For Your Essay

Your essay should have a clear beginning, body, and conclusion. Ideally, your arguments should build and shape each other to create a coherent and healthy flow. If you are still struggling to find a suitable structure for your essay, you can consult with a teacher or friend.

Write Your Essay

Once you are comfortable with the research and outline creation process, you can start crafting your essay. Like any other academic paper, your essay should have a powerful introduction that leaves an impact on the reader. Include a thesis statement that summarizes your main argument. Afterward, include the supporting paragraphs that show evidence of the argument. Finally, write a conclusion that sums up all your viewpoints and strongly recommends taking a specific action.

Over time, you will become more comfortable with the different types of argumentative essays. You can also incorporate other perspectives into your writing so that your essay makes a broader statement that includes opposing viewpoints. If you are still stuck with the initial steps, try our expert advice on how to write an argumentative essay for a step by step guide.

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