What Does an Essay Contain?


What Makes Up an Essay?

An essay is perhaps one of the most prevalent assignments given in school. It follows then that a student must have encountered at least one by the time they are essays in quotes students. As such, they are quite familiar with what entails writing an essay.

Essays come in various formats. An instructor might ask students to tackle a brief essay on themselves. In which case, the students would be expected to expound on their identity. Alternatively, an instructor might demand that the students write an extended essay. In which case, the students would be expected to cover a relevant topic over the course of the text.

Like most other forms of academic writing, essays in quotes seeks to assess a student’s understanding of a particular concept. Therefore, a student is expected to provide an argument for the perspective taken. Writing an essay in quotes then allows the students to demonstrate their understanding of a subject beyond a merely stating of the idea.

How Does an Essay Contain Everything?

Generally, an essay follows the standard structure of an introduction, body, and conclusion. However, some instructors might be more stringent in what they expect from their students. As such, it is always prudent to read through the essay before submitting it.

Furthermore, essays in quotes might not be as straightforward. Take, for example.

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