Thesis summary

Some universities require the inclusion of abstracts in the diploma theses. Do not be afraid is nothing more than a description of the most important information contained in the work. The summary of the master’s thesis is short and succinct.

On its basis, you can learn not only about the content of the work, but also check whether the future master can verify and evaluate the suitability of the previously written scientific material. The reader will find out whether the work may interest him or “it is worth reading”. It is a showcase of your work.

How to write a summary of the master’s thesis?
A summary is not the same as the introduction or ending. This is a short summary of information contained in all chapters. A well-written abstract makes the work look more attractive and better judged. If you’re wondering what a summary of your research can look like, look at the sample summary of the master’s thesis.

Be careful, however, by choosing a specific example or pattern. This is just a kind of signpost, inspiration. Yes, such as a sample of a master’s thesis in the field of sociology. If you still need help writing a summary of your work – just contact us.

An example of a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis provides inspiring solutions, but remember to consistently follow a few key principles in your work.

The summary of the master’s thesis should:

  • count up to 1 page (from 1800 to 2200 characters)
  • should be written in the present tense, impersonally (“The author of the work …,” The subject of the work … “)
  • be objective, devoid of personal comments
  • to be written in scientific language (colloquial or journalistic language is not allowed)
  • find yourself at the beginning of the job, right behind the table of contents and before the introduction
  • to inform what the work will be about
  • encourage to read all chapters (such a scientific advertising folder)
  • include the title, purpose, scope, subject, problems, thesis of work
  • contain information about the scientific sources used
  • inform about the applied methods, techniques and research tools
  • briefly present the tests and experiments carried out
  • inform about the achieved results, the degree of achieving the set goals
  • contain short conclusions and the most important research results
  • inform about the difficulties encountered during the implementation of the research
  • contain so-called keywords that allow you to quickly get an idea of ​​the topic and content of the work
  • be written in a font one size smaller than the rest of the work (usually 11)
  • It is worth adding here that the summaries developed in two language versions( English and most often Spanish) are well-seen. If you can get a variant of your diploma thesis – perfectly!

Summary of the master’s thesis – reach for help or example!
A summary of the master’s thesis can say a lot about the presented scientific work before it is read. It is worth using this special potential. By choosing a specific example of a summary, we can see a certain unchanging structure of which we have already described above.

Yes, such as the introduction of work in the field of human resources management has its established order, so a summary of the study in the mentioned scope will be based on a certain algorithm of conduct.

If you need more information about the composition of the diploma thesis or just need help in writing a summary – contact us. We will give you tips or we will present a pattern that you can use.