Stylistic mistakes

Are you afraid that you will make stylistic mistakes in your master’s thesis? See how to avoid them

Some promoters and reviewers pay great attention to stylistic errors in the master’s thesis. Excess of this type of errors may affect the evaluation of the diploma thesis.

Teachers say that stylistic errors are all deviations from the model language standard of contemporary English. Making these mistakes makes the written statement incoherent and incomprehensible, and therefore difficult to read. Stylistic errors also include: unreasonable repetitions and combining different language styles (colloquial, scientific, official, journalistic and official).

Stylistic errors in the master’s thesis – linguistic chaos
You can focus so much on the analysis of source materials that you start writing complex, meaningless sentences. The promoter will immediately notice stylistic errors in the master’s thesis, because he will not be able to properly interpret the content. He will not know what you really want to convey.


  • Youth is presented as a group that is constantly growing, because everyone cares to belong to somebody.
  • How not to make these types of stylistic errors?
  • Write succinctly and on the subject, avoid words and sentences that do not contribute to work.
  • Do not use mental shortcuts.
  • Do not try to “dazzle” the promoter with your erudition – focus on the topic.
  • If you want to paraphrase a part of a scientific publication, first consider the construction of the sentence.
  • Write carefully – Master’s thesis is a scientific work.
  • Stylistic errors in the master’s thesis – mixing of language styles
  • This is a common mistake. When writing a Master’s thesis, use only the scientific language style. Extensive terminology in a given field is recommended, as well as giving up stylistic means (eg: metaphors, colloquialisms, neologisms, etc.).


  • Jan Kochanowski is a bright person in the pantheon of Renaissance poets. Imagination told him that the decision he would make would result in gigantic perturbations in his life.
  • How not to make these types of mistakes?
  • Abandon the colloquial, artistic or journalistic language – a Master’s thesis is not a text on a blog, an article in a newspaper or a novel.
  • Mimic the style used in scientific publications.
  • Stylistic errors in the master’s thesis – repetition
  • Repeated repetitions are included in gross errors and reduce the quality of work.


  • Financial liquidity means solvency and the ability to timely pay the most important liabilities. Financial liquidity is one of the most important aspects of the company’s financial analysis.
  • How not to make these types of stylistic errors?
  • Search for synonyms (eg synonyms of “act” is a legal act, legal norm, regulation, regulation), you can use online dictionaries, eg (eg:
  • Before you give a job to a supervisor – read it a few times. While working on the text for many hours, objectivity is lost and you do not see many mistakes, so it is also worth giving a job to read to another person.