Job Application Online: Pros and Cons


Advantages and Disadvantage of Job Application Online

The rise of online applications has been a game-changer for job applications online. Whether it is a part-time or full-time position, an applicant no longer needs to physically apply for a job. Thanks to online tools and platforms, you can apply online and have a fully-filled out application within minutes. The problem comes in when the online application is sent and a response is not received. Does that mean the applicant missed the chance of having their resume looked at?

Most companies use online applications for specific reasons. For instance, a company may choose to use an online application to send a bulk of job applications only to receive a very few requests for interview. In such a case, the recruiter might assume that all the applicants are qualified for the vacant position and will not bother going through the rest of the application.


More people from across the world have internet-enabled devices and know how to use online tools and platforms. This means that job applications online are likely to receive a higher response rate than traditional methods of job application. This means that an online application might be the best option for an unemployed person from any country in the world to apply for a job.

There are several advantages that an online application brings to job applicants. Some of these advantages include:

Helps prevent qualified people from being passed over due to social considerations.

When an online application is used, a candidate will send a copy of their curriculum vitae and personal statement. The platform will analyse both documents to select those who meet the job specifications. If a candidate lacks impressive credentials or is non-native English speaker, they might be passed over in the online application process. However, with a modern tool like RESO, an applicant can use their voice to make themselves more noticeable.

Helps save time

Job-hunting is a time-consuming process. A candidate has to make personal contact with recruiters, attend an interview, and send a resume and a cover later. If an applicant spends more time online than attending an interview, they might assume that they are not a priority. Online tools and platforms are set up to reduce the amount of time an applicant would have to spend attending an interview.

Helps save money.

Job-hunting is costly. A candidate has to pay for a professional resume and cover later, which can be costly. Online tools and platforms mean that applicants do not have to spend money on hiring a recruitment agency. Some of the most affordable job-hunting websites that use online applications include:

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