Job Application Form Online: Pros and Cons


Advantages and Demerits of Job Application Form Online

Whether you send a resume or an application form online, it helps to ensure you meet the required standards. For starters, an employer will see that you are qualified for the job application form online. Besides, a resume presents a personal profile of the job seeker, whereas an online application form does not.

Nonetheless, there are numerous online job application form services, and you may not know which one to use. If you are new into the online job application process, this post will help you determine whether a resume or an online application form is right for you. Read on to learn more.


Job application form online services have several advantages for job seekers. A background check is less stressful since you do not have to submit a lot of documents. Besides, some online services can filter the applications by sector or field, which helps to choose that which you are qualified for.

If a company has advertised a vacant position in a particular field, and you know you have the relevant skills for the job, you can use an online application form to apply for the job. This strategy is known as a referral job. If an online application form helps you get to the hiring manager’s attention, you are more likely to get the job.

Employers can also use online application form to verify credentials and prevent the employment of individuals who cannot prove they are qualified. For instance, an online application form can screen applicants for plagiarism. If a writer submits a copied resume but claims to be a expert in that industry, the employer will assume that you are not the right candidate and may not invite you for an interview.

You can also use an online application form to countercheck your qualifications. For instance, a company can check whether your academic credentials, test scores, and certificates are up to date. If a company requires applicants to submit a cover letter and a resume together, an online application form helps applicants to avoid double-counting.

Since an online application form does not have a manual review process, it can help you to save time when applying for a job. You can set the deadlines for submitting your documents so that when the job advert comes, you will have ample time to update your credentials and upload new documents.


Some online job application form services are not as reliable as they should be. Take, for example, an online application form service that requires applicants to upload a copy of their CDL or driver’s license. Since some companies may cease to accept resumes that have these forms, applicants might end up wasting time and ending up losing interest in the jobless process. Besides, an online application form service might not provide all the details a recruiter wants.

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