How to write email for job application


How to write email for job application 

Job applications often contain specific instructions which you need to adhere to. Below are practical tips to use in your email when applying for a job.

  • Keep the language simple and professional. 
  • Do not use filler words 
  • Intro should be about yourself 
  • Be positive and relaxed
  • List relevant experience and achievements 
  • Proofread your email and double-check the content 

Tips for writing email for job application successfully

Do not start writing your email address in a hurry. It is best to send a preliminary email to test the waters. Confirm whether the recruiter is interested in receiving more information about you. If the employer replies with any questions, or you feel the tone is not right, then cease writing and set aside the subject. 

Here is a practical strategy to follow when writing an informative email about yourself and that which sells you best:

Research about yourself 

Do not send a boring or generic email. Your email must reflect your genuine personality. Therefore, carry out some research about yourself. Use the available information to tailor your email to what the employer needs to hear. Ensure you tailor your information to match your skills, achievements, and educational background. Build on the idea that you are qualified for the job. 

Add value with your writing

You stand a better chance of catching the attention of the employer if you write enthusiastically and passionately about yourself. Considers your writing to be the best selling point of your email. Therefore, you need to add value with your writing. For example, you can promise to reciprocate the efforts of a particular associate if you get hired. The promise will make your email compelling and memorable.

Highlight your wins

Include some wins that can persuade the employer. For example, talk about how your skills can be of great help in filling a particular vacancy in the company. Ensure that wins are relevant to the job description and addition to your qualification. For instance, you can say that you are good at problem-solving and can make a good addition to the development team. Complete your paragraph about yourself by reinforcing the point to the recruiter. 

Conclude power-point style

While hiring a professional to write your email for you, you may request them to add a few brief points about themselves. The idea is to have an organized resume that contains the relevant skills, achievements, and educational background. In addition, you can choose to have the recruiters’ name included as a recruiter. Have a summary of the key points that make your qualifications clear. Finally, conclude with a powerful but professional closing statement.  

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