How many pages should a master’s thesis have?

Students are often afraid that their master’s thesis will be too short or too long. Each promoter will tell you that the length of the master’s thesis is important, but its substantive content is much more important. The question “how many pages should a master’s thesis be,” usually answers “as much as needed to comprehensively present the issue”.

We know, however, that this answer does not satisfy you, because you still do not know how many pages your work should count. The easiest way is when you simply ask your supervisor, lecturer or university employee.

Also check the university’s website – you may find the information you need there. Sometimes it happens that contact with the promoter is difficult, and the university is silent on this issue. Then you need to get acquainted with our guidelines, thanks to which you will learn how many pages a Master’s thesis should have.

Master’s thesis – how many pages?
Know that each university sets its own guidelines for writing and formatting work. Even if you can not find them, they exist. In the higher education system, however, certain standards apply to the creation of diploma theses, which means that the work of a student of the University will not be too different from a student at the University of London. Keep in mind that the work is not too short, but also a long one.

Master’s thesis – number of pages and chapters
If you stick to the guidelines below, your work will meet the requirements of most popular universities.

By default, it is assumed that:

  • MA thesis should be divided into 3-4 parts (chapters)
  • each chapter should have approximately the same number of pages (+/- 5)
  • chapters must be divided into 3-5 parts (subsections)
  • the first part of the work is a theoretical study (written on the basis of scientific literature) and the second part is a research study (own research)
  • the minimum number of master thesis pages is 60, and the maximum is 90
  • the number of pages does not include: title page, table of contents, bibliography, list of tables, attachments, etc.
  • To sum up: the right number of diploma thesis pages is from 60 to 90 (+/- 3 pages) – from entry to completion.

However, this rule does not apply to works in physics, mathematics, biology or computer science. Works on exact subjects are characterized by individual requirements and are usually shorter. For example, work in the physics department can only count 30 pages and it will be correct. The larger part of such a study will be formulas, tables and calculations.

It may happen that the subject of your work is so specific that the final number of pages is smaller (eg 50) or larger (eg 110) than the requirements of the university. Despite the will, you can not add or subtract anything. Then what? It is your duty to prepare factual arguments proving that the work could not really count on more or less pages. Inform your promoter about it, if the quality of work is right, you may agree to make concessions.

You already have a ready job, but you think it is too short? Contact us and we will suggest what else to add or change to make your work meet college requirements.