How to write the end of the bachelor thesis?

Completion of the bachelor thesis is, contrary to appearances, an extremely important element of the diploma thesis. It would seem that the final part of your work is only a formal culmination of what you have been intricately conducting or what you have been arguing through the individual chapters of the work. However, no. That is much more. Why is the end of a bachelor thesis, also referred to as a summary of bachelor thesis, such an important part of it?

Well, it is here that you briefly refer to the content of the whole work, give the most important conclusions and explain why they can be useful in learning. It is also a kind of “dot over and”, an impressive finale of what you’ve been laboriously working on for a long time and in which you put in a lot of effort. It is worth to ensure that the last pages of your work, which is a summary of the master’s thesis, are both well-formulated and attractively presented.

Bachelor’s thesis – how should it be completed?

The completion of the master’s thesis is not particularly different from the completion of the bachelor thesis or any other diploma thesis. The structure of the summary is based on certain unchanging pillars forming a transparent, formalized scheme. When thinking about how to write the end of the bachelor thesis, it is worth to take an interesting example, and if you are still at the conceptual stage of work, for example in the field of psychology, he also looked at a sample of this type of work. Let us, however, return to the issue of the summary of the bachelor thesis or the master thesis.

Regardless of the nature of the work and the field it affects, the completion of the bachelor thesis should consist of:

  • occupy from 1.5 to 4 pages
  • include a reminder of the subject (a few sentences about what the job was about)
  • explain what information was collected when discussing the topic and implementing the research
  • explain which assumptions could not be made
  • to mention people, groups that contributed to the job postings, took part in research
  • to remind about the hypotheses set at work
  • inform you which hypotheses have been confirmed, but which are not and why
  • inform about the most important stages and results of research
  • provide general information, detailed information can be found in individual chapters
  • to be impersonated (“Author of the study …,” It has been proved that … “)
  • contain only useful information, without subjective or emotional statements of the author
  • should refer only to the content contained in the work, and not, for example, to other research or scientific studies
  • The completion of the diploma thesis is extremely important, among others because some promoters and reviewers assess the value of the whole work based on it.

How to write the end of the master’s thesis? Reach for an example!
An example of the completion of a bachelor thesis, as well as a master’s or engineer’s thesis, can definitely facilitate your task. Just as in the case of writing a job, a sample of a work pattern, for example in the field of marketing, can be a helpful guide for you, so an example of a summary can lead you to the end of job you’re looking for.

Remember, however, that the summary of engineering work, as well as any other diploma thesis, must be primarily factual and substantive. It is also important that the piece of work at the same time is properly constructed and constitutes an attractive content for the recipient.

Keep in mind, however, that the ending of your bachelor or master thesis can not take the form of a summary of the whole work. This piece of your work should simply highlight the most important points. You can also submit applications for work transparency and convenience in punts.

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